Stump Grinder at work removing large tree stump
Removing a tree stump using a stump grinder
All Star Tree Services turn your tree waste into woodchip mulching

Tree Stump Grinding

All Star Tree Services provides a professional stump grinding service nationwide, using our specialized equipment we can safely remove a tree stump ensuring the tree stump area is left clean, tidy and most importantly, reusable. We can work near walls, the foundation of houses and underground service without causing any problem, our stump grinding machines will grind the main from a depth of 5” to 18” below the surface of the ground.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder machine that accurately and with precision grinds the remaining tree stump below the soil level with little or no damage to surrounding trees, plants and landscaping.

Using stump grinders enables the stump to be easily ground down and the debris to be easily taken from the site and recycled. If you have restricted access to the tree stump, our stump grinders come in a variety of sizes which enable our machinery to get to the stump.

Once completed the tree stump will be completely removed enabling you to pave or grass the area. Our stump grinding service ensures the removal of any dangerous stumps to be done safely and correctly.

Stump Grinding Benefits

It's super-fast: Tree stump grinding eliminates many of the problems associated with the traditional stump removal methods and completes the job in a fraction of the time.

It's good for the garden: The stump-cutting teeth on the stump grinding machine creates mulch, which is fantastic for the garden and looks great too.

It minimizes damage: Another benefit of stump grinding is how accurate it can be. Our various sizes of stump grinding machines remove stumps with accurate and precision, which minimise damage to surrounding trees, plants and landscape.

It's kind to the environment: Environmental conservation groups are increasingly promoting stump grinding. Contaminated stumps are being targeted and removed to prevent the further spread of disease to healthy trees in surrounding areas.



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